With more than 45 years in the Mexican market, we inspire our clients to gain success and grow their brands.

Mexico City - Avenida Insurgentes Sur

Av.Insurgentes Sur # 863, Piso 13,
Col. Nápoles,
Mexico CityDF 03810
What we do

We work with the biggest brands locally, helping them understand their market and find strategies to grow across different industries, including FMCG, Technology, Finance, and Retail. From qualitative and quantitative research studies, to Neuroscience and AI-based methodologies, Kantar has the insights you need to succeed.

From the Mexican office you can access our global expertise in Business Vision & Strategy, Brand Strategy, Innovation, Brand Experience, Customer Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution, Organisational Capability and more.

We understand the Mexican consumer in detail: we link purchases with consumption, both in and out of the home. Our consumer panel includes 8500 households, representing 82% of the urban population, with a geographic coverage in 6 regions of the country and 7 self-represented cities.

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