Use data-driven insights for effective brand management

Now is the time to ensure you understand people and their relationships with your brand and category, if you want to identify opportunities to increase sales and strengthen your brand equity.

Transform your brand tracking study into a future-focused brand guidance system that gives you:

  • ongoing brand performance monitoring and campaign measurement
  • integrated data sources and advanced analytics to simulate future outcomes
  • deep-dive consumer research modules to guide quick decisions.

Read our latest brand tracking articles and watch our recent webinar to find out how to use data-driven insights to help you:

  • Create the best brand plans and marketing campaigns
  • Optimise and justify marketing investments
  • Improve your brand equity and performance
  • Deliver growth now and in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can use data-driven insights to grow your brand, please contact us and a member of your local Kantar team will get in touch shortly.

New to brand tracking? Find out more about it here.

What solution do you need?

Checking brand performance
Checking brand performance
Check performance to inform plans and justify marketing investment
Learn more
Campaign management in real time
Campaign management in real time
Optimise media investment and course-correct when you need to, to improve communication effectiveness
Learn more
Brand planning
Brand planning
Inform strategic decisions for long-term sustainable brand growth
Learn more
Brand and portfolio management
Brand & portfolio management
Optimise marketing investments, respond to change as soon as it happens, and shape the future for your brand
Learn more
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Kantar brand tracking creative
Creative quality is the most efficient route to brand impact. So why is creative testing often excluded from brand tracking? Especially during COVID-19?
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Now is the time for brands to be proactive, not reactive. To do this, brands need the latest innovations in brand tracking.
Identifying brand opportunities in the age of COVID-19
Identifying brand opportunities in the age of COVID-19
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Transform your brand tracking so that you get the insights you need, when you need them, to make better, faster decisions to grow your brand.
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